cries in spanish

by tylur burden

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written and recorded throughout 2015 in a couple basements


released November 13, 2015

thanks to mickey for singing on "linganore"
thanks to cal for drumming on everything
thanks to matt for mixing
thanks to everyone else i forgot



all rights reserved


tylur burden Mount Airy, Maryland

tunes that'll make you go want to drink beer alone

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Track Name: middle of january
James: You're alive! Maria! I thought that thing killed you! Are
you hurt bad?

Maria: Not at all, silly.

James: ...Maria? That thing... it stabbed you. There was blood everywhere.

Maria: Stabbed me? What do you mean?

James: It chased us to the elevator. And then...

Maria: James, what are you talking about?

James: Just before! Don't you remember?

Maria: James honey... Did something happen to you? After we got separated in that long hallway? Are you confusing me with someone else? You were always so forgetful. Remember that time in the hotel?

James: Maria...

Maria: You said you took everything... But you forgot that videotape we made. I wonder if it's still there...

James: How do you know about that! Aren't you Maria?

Maria: I'm not your Mary.

James: So you're Maria?

Maria: I am... if you want me to be.

James: All I want from you is an answer!

Maria: It doesn't matter who I am... I'm here for you, James. See? I'm real.
Track Name: beer flavored liquor
on a cold february night
one week before lonely lover's day
there was a party and this gal
she downs confidence to make the thoughts go away
blurred thoughts and slurred speech
she stumbles for the door

outside the cool breeze offers minute relief
as she thinks "he's probably fucking his girl,
hoping to god that her always pumped chest brother
will never know"

you never loved me but i'll stay
Track Name: real talk on the back porch
passed out in a liquor store
tried to rob them in a fit of drunken rage
yeah i'm pathetic
what more can you do?

when you're stuck all alone on a saturday night
what a better plan than to look for a fight?
yeah i'm pathetic
what more can you do?

i was too scared
to admit the truth
so i got fucked up
and drunk drove to

your best friend's house
so i could
sleep on his couch
and dream about
all of the times
where i said:

"i love you more than you'll ever know"
Track Name: linganore
hairless chest
bare skin

no more sin

trace back all the pain
to a time when we thought
nothing would ever change
all would remain the same
if that were the case now
why can't we just speak out?
about how things have changed
and how to rid of this...


friendships that bonded souls
won't mean a thing no more
cause of the paths we chose
no new roads to explore
the photos on the floor
implore to try again

lies again
why's again
the truth hides in context
that i can't decipher
all these mind games are driving me mad

there are lessons
that we never want to learn